the appeal under the law on the law on the law of discharge, from 12 A, will be replaced, if the answer can be used on the legal indications of the authorized agreement against the defendant in response to legal references laws of case and provision, appeal for the specific execution of the contract on the basis of the sale agreement can be used. A vague and uncertain agreement could not be implemented. (Vimlesh Kumari Kulshrestha vs Sambhajirao, 2008 (2) Supreme 127). It has been observed in Ambica Prasad vs. Naziran Bibi, AIR 1939 All 64], [Balram v Natku, AIR 1928 PC 75, that there should be a valid contract for prosecution for the specific performance of the contract. Sir, A sold the property to B as part of a sales contract. My brother bought the same property from B as part of a sales contract. My brother filed a complaint against A and B for concrete performance. What about the law? The exclusive jurisdiction clauses contain a decision by the parties to limit the place of use to a single forum. Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 (the „Contract Act“) provides, among other things, that there can be no contract prohibited or contrary by a provision. Section 28 renders an absolute restriction on a recourse or ability to assert rights under a contract non-applicable. However, the common interpretation of Section 20 of the Code of Civil Procedures and Sections 23-28 of the Contracts Act allows for a partial restriction by limiting the parties` recourse to a forum. Exclusive jurisdiction clauses occupy this space between an absolute reserve and a forum shopping based on comfort.

Defendant in response to the legal notification agreement admitted, but said that the agreement for the guarantee for the repayment of the loan and repaid Sir, you could give some comments, such as the sales contract registered to prove if its execution is refused Response:- Section 52 of T.P.Act delas with „LisEns“. The following elements must be put in place to constitute a legal link:-I) an appeal or proceeding must be pending before a competent court of justice; (II) the appeal or procedure should not be collusive; III) The dispute must be a dispute in which the right to safety is directly and concretely called into question; (IV) there must be a transfer or other transfer of the disputed assets by a party to the dispute; (V) Such a transfer must infringe the rights of the other party, which, as a last resort, may arise from the decree or order. A takes cash 5 lakhs and check 5 lakhs for buying real estate contract over a period of 1 month for the execution of the state of sale. But did not fulfill his commitment and would later dramatically say that he never took any money. But both the man and the woman signed on the bond paper while they were taking money. They now say they signed on the empty stamped paper. b be able to pray for the specific performance in court.