However, if the continuation of the benefit has become unduly burdensome as a result of an event that has escaped the proper control of a party which it could reasonably not have taken into account, the clause may require the parties to negotiate alternative contractual clauses in order to reasonably consider the consequences of the event. The emergency clause is sometimes used in cases of force majeure, in part because it has similar characteristics and allows the two situations to be dealt with in different circumstances. The difference between the two concepts is that hardness nera is the performance of the disadvantaged party, which becomes much more painful, but still possible. Force majeure refers to the contractual requirements of a party, at least temporarily. Hardness is one reason for changing the parties` contractual agenda. The objective of the parties remains the implementation of the contract. However, force majeure is related to non-performance and concerns the suspension or termination of the contract. [3] In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You need to know what happens to customers, competitors, practice sectors and industries.

Law360 provides the intelligence you need to remain an expert and beat the competition. Difficult case clauses generally recognize that the parties must meet their contractual obligations even if the benefits were heavier than reasonably anticipated at the time the contract was concluded. None of the administrative authorizations necessary for the full exercise of the merger and transactions under this agreement contain any conditions for dependants. . Administrative authorizations must not impose or require obligations, conditions, commitments, obligations, obligations or sanctions, or structural or corrective measures (including possible remedies) that constitute a condition for dependants. All administrative authorizations necessary for the full use of the bank merger and merger, as envisaged, have been obtained and remain fully in force and remain in their entirety and all legal waiting periods for these, if they exist, have expired or have ended, and no such administrative authorization contains, contains or has not been authorized to impose Under any stress. At the time of the agreement, the investor is not aware of a reason for the investor or any of his related companies for which the necessary authorizations are not obtained without the imposition of a dependent condition.