Here is a list of provincial health sites and some examples of what Alberta and Ontario offer you outside the country. Medical expenses are not covered by mutual billing agreements: is there a list somewhere? Please tell me if it is the responsibility of the provinces, because I know that it is the province, not the federal government, that manages the health care of Canadians. Canadians are fortunate to live in a nation where health care is available to all residents; However, if you are travelling outside your home province, you cannot always bring this coverage. Depending on where you live, there are important facts that you need to know how and when you are insured on your travels, whether for business or pleasure. Buying travel insurance is an easy way to eliminate the worry of your potential medical costs abroad. The Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland all have mutual agreement, as do all other provinces except Quebec. Newfoundland offers an Out of Province Coverage Certificate that provides continuous coverage for 12 months during the trip. For all health plans in the Maritime Province, insurance coverage outside of Canada is limited and advance must be made at the time of notification and subject to reimbursement. To receive medical care in a-province/territory, you still need to obtain your valid health card in Canada before receiving medical treatment.

If you do not present your provincial/territorial health card at the time of treatment, the hospital or doctor may ask you to pay the a-to-province benefits in advance and file a refund with the health fund in your country or territory. Note: If you are travelling to Quebec, you may have to pay for medical benefits yourself at the time of medical treatment, even if you bring your health card to the treatment facility. Tip: Keep all the original supporting documents that may be required for the audit and verification processes. Provincial health care does not provide reimbursement for benefits that are not considered medically necessary; Coverage is generally extended only for emergencies. You have to pay all bills that do not meet this requirement, which can mean considerable sums of money. Travel health insurance is the best way to prevent a health emergency from becoming a financial emergency. Depending on whether there is a health plan across their province to ensure full coverage, this could be a very costly mistake. Even if you are healthy, an accident or sudden illness can happen anywhere, and for anyone.

Your health plan for the province offers limited coverage when you travel – for travel outside of Canada severely limited.