d. Academic degree. Academic licenses can be granted per user or class. The use of the software is limited to educational, academic and non-commercial purposes. The number of authorized users may be limited in confirming the license order. (iii) All annual subscription fees must be paid per approved user, in accordance with the corresponding confirmation of the license order. (ii) You are not allowed to market or sublicensing parts of your software, hardware or reports developed under that license. Arm tools can only be used by you and your authorized users, and you cannot allow third parties to use arm tools (unless written permission by Arm). You can add your own copyright statement to your amendments and provide additional or other licensing conditions for the use, reproduction or dissemination of your modifications or derived works as a whole, provided that your use, reproduction and distribution of the work is in accordance with the terms of this License. In order to avoid doubts, your use of arm tools applies if you obtain a non-commercial license and the license is provided to them free of charge.

2.6 COPYRIGHT AND RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: Arm Tools are owned by Bras and/or its licensees and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, international laws and treaties. Arm tools are not sold under license. Unless this license expressly provides for it, you do not acquire rights to arm tools or parts of these tools or other arm products or services. You must not remove copyright or other mentions from arm tools and ensure that such notification is reproduced in an authorized copy of all or part of the arm tool. Floating License. Subject to the control of a single license manager, you can install the software on an unlimited number of computers or servers that can be used simultaneously by a certain number of people up to the number of user licenses you have purchased. (C) This license (and all documents included by reference) is the only exclusive agreement between you and the arm for arm tools, and (unless written agreement) any other document, including (but not limited) your order or any other document provided by you will be part of this license.