If „Keep searching“ is selected and discounts are found, they are added up and not replaced. Decimal adjustment of course has a great influence on many other areas in terms of the unit of measures, but this blog is focused on trade convention magazines. If you have set a single price for one customer and a price for all customers, it is possible to disable „Find next“ to ensure that AX always uses the individual price instead of the total customer price, even if the individual price is higher. This screenshot establishes lines of trade agreements for an article. „All“ customers receive a nice low price of 10.00 USD. The ACBE customer alone receives a price of 15.00 USD. Note that „Find next“ is not checked on the trade agreement line. In a previous article, I have an overview of line discounts. Depending on your business requirements, you can have interest discounts, z.B.

based on a standard discount, and then quantity levels to encourage the customer to buy more. When entering seizures, you have the option to search for the next flag if AX needs to search for all applicable discounts. This is a short walk through the effect of the next flag. Basically, I thought that if the Keep Looking option is enabled, D365FO will accumulate the commercial lines if there are several legitimate ones. -Kim —————————— Kim Tallman Functional Consultant Solution Partners NA LLC Indianapolis IN —————————— Original Message: Sent: 03-10-2015 08:45 From: Paul Martin Topic: Trade Agreement There is a model on the Globe Wiki that will make trade deals, it attracts trade agreements you can change and push them up again. I took this model and modified it for our use, but yes, if you include dimensions, you have to take into account those of the Atlas model, but I did it with great success. Also, when you load for the first time, the model will have problems, so I designed one for us, who loaded the trade agreements for the first time, and had a search on the size number you need to load it properly. It uses the PriceDiscAdmin and PriceDiscAdminTrans tables to drag you to a newspaper, which you can validate directly in the PriceDisc table —————————— Paul Martin Senior Application Analyst Tempur-Pedic, Inc/ Sealy Trinity NC —————————— Original Message: Sent: 03-09-2015 14:26 From: John Adler Subject: Trade Agreement Haven`t you noticed that we have a Find Next option available if we set up a trade line? Access the distribution and marketing > newspapers, purchase and purchase > records, select price statements/discounts, and select „New.“ We create a discount book.:I There are indeed several variables: the type of journalline trade agreement (price, discount), the level of the book trade agreement.-sheet line (all, group, table), and whether the option Continue to search is checked or not. New Zealand —————————— Original Message: Sent: 03-06-2015 17:56 From: Tom Wolf Topic: Trade Agreement We are implementing trade agreements and trying to determine best practices.