The parties agree that the policies listed above can be changed at any time by mutual agreement between the parties, unless these changes have a monetary effect. For greater security, payments under sections 19.05-19.07 or similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered a benefit to the management of this provision. 31.02 Topics that can be defined for joint consultation are agreed upon between the parties and include consultations on career development, staff initiatives, performance allowance and the provision of information to workers and the institute. The consultation may take place at the local, regional or national level, as defined by the parties. (a) At the request of a worker, a worker whose spouse is permanently relocated is granted unpaid leave for up to one (1) year, and up to three (3) years, from a worker whose spouse is temporarily relocated. Workers who are not paid for the relocation of the spouse or whose leave application was approved prior to the signing of this collective agreement have access to the 5 (5) annual provision. With effect on April 1, 2017, Section 17.17 (Voluntary Leave with Pay) is removed from the collective agreement. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) agree to take the necessary steps to implement the changes that arise as soon as an agreement has been reached on the Wellness Assistance Program (EWSP). The parties agree to continue the current practice of cooperation to address concerns about the well-being of staff and the reintegration of workers into work after periods of leave due to illness or injury. b) Effective on the date of the signing of the collective agreement, all workers with a strength of more than two (2) years of service within the meaning of item 14.03 are credited with a single fee of 37 decimal hours (37.5) hours of paid leave. (iii) signed an agreement with the employer, (d) All Leave Without Pay leave for long-term care for a parent or on leave without pay for child care and child care in preschool, in accordance with the provisions of previous collective agreements, is not charged on the calculation of the maximum amount for immediate family custody for the duration of a worker`s employment in the public service.

(c) For workers subject to the provisions of section 7.05 of this article, the provisions of the collective agreement setting out the days are converted into hours. If the collective agreement refers to a „day,“ it is converted into 7 and a half hours (7 1/2) hours. (i) „retroactive period“ for the purposes of paragraphs (ii) to (iv) the period from the time the revision came into force until the day before the collective agreement or arbitration was signed; 5.