Our music is for all media, permanent, pre-declared and can be authorized by MCPS Production Music under broadcast covers, your IPC agreement or via the PRS tariff card. In addition to the price card for the different productions, there are also various flat-rate licenses and special offers. These include the Independent Production Company`s (IPC) licence, which allows the combined use of MCPS Production Music and commercial music in television channels. All licenses are available for ALL MEDIA WORLDWIDE. Anything that is excluded from the flat-rate licence must be individually licensed. (5) If the benefit has already been accepted, we also have the right to resign in the event of a violation of the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of the treaty. Payments already made are refunded. 2. At our request, the supplier declares all trademark rights that it knows or is expected to use with respect to the items delivered or delivered. 5. The supplier releases third-party claims due to property defects. Defects of ownership are subject to a 10-year statute of limitations, provided that the legislation of the recipient`s country does not impose a longer statute of limitations. 2.

The supplier is required to grant an all-inclusive liability and product liability insurance limit of at least 2.5 million euros for personal, material and financial damages, with a double annual cap and a recall allowance of at least 3 million euros. The compensation limit must extend to foreign damages. The supplier must inform us of exclusions for the U.S.-Canada border. The scope of this insurance must include the inclusion of personal and material damage caused by defects in the insured characteristics of finished products, damage caused by the combination, mixing and processing of finished products, damage resulting from the processing and processing of finished products, dismantling and assembly costs, manufacture of defective goods by machines, and testing and sorting costs. The supplier provides us with an insurance certificate upon request. (insurance certificate) It is not possible to make other claims. For use in international affairs from April 2018 2. To the extent that the advance is set by the supplier, an unlimited guarantee from a bank or a guarantee at least equal to the amount of the advance is required. 3.

Without our prior written consent, the supplier does not have the right to cede rights against us or to authorize forfeiture by third parties.