– Russ McKamey, owner and operator of McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, commented on an online petition calling for the closure of the haunted house, because „[i]t is literally a home of kidnapping and torture“ and „some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and medical care for serious injuries.“ McKamey says people start their tour of the house, which can last up to 10 hours, with a chance to win $20,000 and lose $500 every time they no longer pass an activity. In the 30 years that McKamey has operated the haunted castle, no one has been around. McKamey says he was filmed every tour and chased several times, which people thought had happened to them, but that it didn`t really happen. Visitors must be 21 years of age or older – or 18-20 years old with the consent of their parents – and accept that they understand that when entering the mansion, „there is no stop, unless there are serious physical or psychological injuries.“ McKamey spoke to Nashville Scene about people entering the mansion: „You`re going to have fish hooked, you`re going to have swollen lips, you can have black eyes – it`s all in the contract. You agree. That`s what they sign up for… extreme physicality. Spencer Bromley Game Advisor at GameStop: „With all that`s said, the eyelashes might not have to go through the mansion. Disneyland might be a better option for people. In recent days, searches of the mansion`s waiver screen and confidentiality agreement have been broadcast via Twitter, revealing the terrible reality of what is at stake for guests. Then there was a neighbor of the mansion who appeared on reddit: Melanie actor Kevin Contrera at Monster Mountain Haunted Attraction: „You sign a renunciation that allows a certain amount of physical damage… It`s pretty clear! How are you going to turn around and say they were too much? I can believe that she was so scared of her head that her brain was playing tricks on her (which is also her job) and thought she was going to die. but not them. She`s alive.

How about being happy about it and stopping shooting at something that is not men`s fault? You misunderstood what happened, and it`s over! Get you down the road! The mansion is said to be occupied by a cast of „comedians,“ according to Nashville Scene, who carry out McKamey`s orders to deal with daring clients who begin torture by splattering them with fake blood. Elsewhere, the agreement warns that the tour may include tasers, shock dog collars and asphyxiation, and says visitors accept that they may even have wrapped plastic bags around their faces.