Coca-Cola Corporation is an exclusive contractor for the Pouring Rights category. This category includes suppliers who have the right to supply beverages at university stores, vending machines and on-campus events. All beverage products on the above sites and all events (either Main Campus or Health Sciences Campus) must provide Coca-Cola beverage products. If it is determined that the sites do not comply with the contract, the relevant services/agents will be informed and asked to remedy this situation to ensure that the university remains compliant under our agreement. Categories: Problematic Sponsorship, Recommended Reading Days: Andy Bellatti, Coca-Cola, Crossfit, Marion Nestle, PepsiCo, politics, watering contracts, soda, sugar No, it`s great. I love it. And I really like the way this is related to today`s topic, what we`re going to delve into today, which is really the difference between a watering agreement and a beverage marketing agreement. And so these are two terms, to be honest, I`ve been in this business for a while now, and I didn`t even know the difference between those two when I started. You hear casting rights, you are not day and day in the industry, another term, your beverage sales contract. So I thought we could move you forward and you can just go through the difference between the two concepts, the casting rights agreement and a marketing agreement, selling drinks. But really, it seems, like what you just shared the activation part of it, the marketing part, the part of the experience that`s going to come into play here. So I start there. Can you explain the basics of these two types of chords, how they look different and how they are different? Your marks, that`s it.

How did they present their brands to consumers? And they want access to consumers. And how did they market and stigmatize their specific product lines in front of consumers? And in a watering-right agreement, you would define it more as internal, which means the number of consumers that a particular property makes available to a beverage company so that they can get their products in front of them? And some of the examples we have in our store, whether it`s a health care customer, an airport or a restaurant, there are a number of consumers who are going to come to their door every day. And this beverage group has the opportunity to market and market its products directly to consumers within the four walls of these sites. And it`s more like an internal activation. At the same time, the interest and enthusiasm of soft drink companies for the concept and opportunities offered by exclusivity on campus have been decisive both from the point of view of sales and from the point of view of activation. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both considered integral partners on campus for the duration of an exclusive casting rights agreement and often contribute to student life through scholarships, employment and other benefits. One example of what I would like to say is that a sprinkler agreement and sprinkler rights is valuable when you think of restaurant customers, that is true. The customers of the restaurant. Good agreements are very important, that would be most of the value, because a lot of the revenue and profitability that a restaurant will generate comes from this sprinkler-just agreement.