If your nationwide mortgage was denied after the real estate valuation, they may have done so if the property they valued was actually worth less than the mortgage you are asking for. If you have a history of bad credit, you need to define exactly what these factors are before trying to find a mortgage lender to account for your application. It can be difficult to get a mortgage as a gambler, as lenders will probably consider you high risk. Lenders need to see that you have financial stability over a period of time – long-term players who have financial stability will probably be accepted for a mortgage, so if you played for a shorter period of time, that may be one of the reasons you were rejected. A borrower asks for a mortgage and comfortably satisfies accessibility beyond their income. The insurer sees that there is a CCJ from 3 years ago and that the lender with whom you applied does not accept people with a CCJ, although the borrower meets the accessibility requirements. The insurer simply rejects the application because the lender`s specific requirements have not been met. Even though there is currently no hope of getting a mortgage for you, we can tell you what to do and when you should try to apply again. If your circumstances really exclude you from applying for a mortgage now, we don`t waste your time still applying. Instead, we give you a strategy to improve your living conditions so that you can improve your chances of getting an authorization.

Contact us today for competent advice from trusted specialists. Affordability is no different from other aspects of mortgage control in that different lenders view affordability differently. A subprime lender may be willing to offer a higher amount of credit, while some lenders offer only a fraction of what you need if you look at the same numbers. On average, lenders offer up to 4 times their annual income, but some lenders offer only 3 times, while in some cases, others offer 5 times or even 6 times. Your mortgage application may be rejected for accessibility reasons for some reasons, even if you think you can afford to pay off.