Working in Denmark? We help you ask questions about leave, salary, working time, illness and leave, layoffs and layoffs, clauses and contracts. Persons who have been guilty of failing to provide the information necessary for collective bargaining and of exercising control over compliance with collective agreements are liable to fines in the manner set out in federal law. In the event of the termination of a branch, representative or other structural part of an organization located in another region, employment contracts with staff members of that structural organization are terminated in accordance with the rules of termination of employment contracts in the event of the dissolution of an organization. Special procedures for the employment of persons under the age of 18 are defined in this code, other federal statutes, collective agreements, collective agreements. Salary or salary is a reward for the work based on the employee`s qualification, complexity, amount, quality and conditions of work, as well as compensation and stimulation payments. Depending on the area of regulated socio-worker relations, the following agreements can be concluded: general, regional, industrial (industry), territorial and others. Breaks for the feeding of a child (children) are included in the working time and are subject to payments corresponding to the average wage. The terms of a training agreement that violate this code, a collective agreement and/or agreements are invalid and do not apply. If, in the context of collective bargaining, there is no consensual decision on all or part of the issues, a record of disagreements is established. Inconsistencies in collective bargaining for the conclusion or amendment of a collective agreement are resolved in the manner provided for by this Code. Agreements requiring budget funding are concluded and amended by the parties, in accordance with the general rule, prior to the drafting of the fiscal year`s budget in relation to the validity of the agreement. Employers should be prepared to make an offer that guarantees long-term success for the company and workers.

This means not only offering the right pay range, but also understanding people`s deepest desires, such as spending time with family, retiring in person and pursuing their hobbies. Workers receive a pay increase of at least 50% for each overtime worked. Workers who agree on a period of compensation instead of a supplement are entitled to 1.5 and a half hours of overtime instead of one hour. Many collective agreements also provide for higher increases for the night, public holidays and Sundays. The calculation of mark-ups is generally based on the normal hourly wage (some collective agreements also have more favourable provisions). Regional and territorial agreements are concluded in accordance with the general rule before relevant draft budgets are submitted to the representative bodies of the Russian Federation and the governing bodies.