Students using the Army TA no longer need to go to their teaching centres to set up TA for courses starting May 1, 2006 and beyond. Below are instructions on the new registration process for existing and new students at the AMU: After April 1, 2006, the army stated that there would be „Quick Start Soldier Training“ for all students on the GoArmyEd site to answer any questions soldiers might have about the new trial. GoArmyEd is part of the Army`s new centralized tuition assistance management program (CTAM). It is an online portal on which students can process TA and follow different aspects of their training (including the re-certification of their communication statement (SOU) for each semester. The GoArmyEd online portal will be the previous process of „visiting the Ed Centre and faxing a Ta form with Hardcopy“ to APUS REPLACE. At GoArmyEd, students must file a „student convention“ with the military if they enter into 6 credits to AMU. Study contracts must be concluded at the university before the end of the six semesters. Existing students who have received study courses with a successful grade since October 1, 2004: Students who choose to retire must complete their withdrawal online on the same day at the AMU and on the GoArmyEd portal to ensure that both parties know that the student has applied to withdraw. The military is moving from a paper-based method to an online method of processing study aid (TA). You will finish an online portal called GoArmyEd, which will be available to active army students on April 1, 2006, in order to access TA for university courses and use it for TA coordination. The Army confirmed that AMU students received TA in advance and that the AMU will be listed on GoArmyEd`s website under „Earn a Degree“ under „Schools and Programs.“ The university is automatically informed of the date on which your study agreement is due. Please do not apply for a formal evaluation of the program on your GoArmyEd portal. Remember, until all documents relating to an official Bachelor`s assessment or admission by the issuing institution are received at UMGC State Headquarters, your student agreement cannot be published on the portal.

Please request your documents as soon as possible so as not to interrupt your ability to use Army TA. Starting April 1, 2006, active army students will be able to create an online account for ta processing for courses starting in May 2006 or after May 2006. Whenever TA needs to be approved for courses starting in May 2006 or later, students use the GoArmyEd portal instead of visiting their training center. AMU no longer accepts Hardcopy TA for courses starting May 1, 2006 by students eligible for TA via GoArmyEd. AMU students who use the Army TA for teaching the function from May 1, 2006 and beyond must be registered on the GoArmyEd website. First, amU will offer these agreements to all students as follows: AMU students considering withdrawing from a course may find that an extension of the course is an option that would allow them to complete the course and prevent payment. We recommend that students read the Extension Process section and the guidelines of the online student manual before submitting a request for resignation. If you are a new UMGC Asia Army student without a GoArmyEd account: Ask for official transcripts of all previously visited colleges or universities, test results (CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College exams) and corresponding military documents are sent directly to the UMGC Adelphi licensing programs. This allows us to conclude your student agreement before entering into six credits with the university. We`re here to help! CTC Europe students using Army Tuition assistance are now registering online through the portal. Your CLC staff will provide you with the help you need to register.